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Learn at your pace! Pick a date and time that works best for you!

By taking our one-on-one course you will learn the same techniques, but your class is guaranteed to only have 1-2 people in it.

We offer our Four-day, Two-day, & Advanced course with One-on-One instruction. You will learn the same techniques that are offered in the larger class setting; however, individual instruction allows you to work at your own pace. It also, provides you an opportunity to focus on areas specific to your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: The one-on-one courses do not have a specific schedule. This gives you flexibility to select the dates that work best for you. We just ask that you have at least three date choices when you call, in the event that we can't fulfill your first selection.

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Course Overviews:

  • Basic & advanced mat cutting
  • Multi-layered mats
  • Different mounting techniques
  • Cutting glass - proper technique
  • Glazing - types of glass and their use
  • The business end of framing
  • Layout & design of multiple window opening mats
  • Cutting & joining frames with our professional equipment
  • How to put a frame together- Learn the art of fitting
  • Design and color - choosing the right frame and mat
  • Length, Chop, & Join - advantages and disadvantages
  • much, much more...
Tuition: $595.00 (includes all materials needed and a workbook)
Special Price: $495.00 - Save $100.00!

  • Preservation
  • Conservation framing
  • Best preservation practices
  • Learn about deacidification
  • Applications for special acid-free tapes and mulberry paper
  • Creativity and Advanced Techniques
  • Mount paper using various reversible hinging techiques
  • Create cloth covered mats and decorative corners
  • Create creative matting and create deep bevels
  • How to cut and use fillets
  • Apply creativity using special templates
  • Memorabilia and Keepsake Framing
  • Learn various object box construction techniques
  • Learn how to select & attach items based on design, layout, & frame size
  • Learn stacking techniques of various frames
Tuition: $595.00 (includes all materials needed and a workbook)
Special Price: $495.00 - Save $100.00!

    Day 1
  • Basic tools & equipment
  • Types of mats (regular and conservation)
  • Mat cutting projects - single, double, triple mats
  • Types of art work
  • Glass cutting and types of glazing

  • Day 2
  • Color coordination projects
  • Mat cutting projects
  • Mat design projects - multiple window openings
  • Use of templates
  • Cutting a fillet and installation

  • Day 3
  • Mat cutting oval and circles
  • Framing materials, different kinds of tape
  • Non-conservation mounting projects
  • Conservation mounting
  • Cutting Frames
  • Joining frames - Using an underpinner & thumbnail machine

  • Day 4
  • Fitting
  • Wood & metal moulding
  • Length, chop, & join
  • Use of templates
  • The business end of framing
Tuition: $995.00 (includes all materials needed and a workbook)
Special Price: $795.00 - Save $200.00!


"The one on one course was a perfect fit to my busy schedule. With today's demands, it was important to find a program that was thorough, informative, and flexible. ABC School of Picture Framing answered all my needs!" - Kevin