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Our two-day course is a weekend class that will teach you the basics of custom picture framing. This course is also ideal for individuals who just want to learn how to do professional framing or for those too busy to take our four-day course.

The cost of the two-day course is 40% lower than our four-day course. After completing this course you will have learned the skills you need to begin saving 50% - 80% by framing your own items.

Techniques you will learn:
  • Basic & advanced mat cutting
  • Multi-layered mats
  • Different mounting techniques
  • Cutting glass - proper technique
  • Glazing - types of glass and their use
  • The business end of framing
  • Layout & design of multiple window opening mats
  • Cutting & joining frames with our professional equipment
  • How to put a frame together- Learn the art of fitting
  • Design and color - choosing the right frame and mat
  • Length, Chop, & Join - advantages and disadvantages
  • much, much more...

Tuition: $495.00 (includes all materials needed and a workbook)

We now offer this course in an one-on-one environment! You will learn the same techniques, but your class is guaranteed to only have 1-2 people in it. Click here to learn more!

Or try our four-day course; we'll teach you all of the above techniques, plus more advanced skills.

The two-day class is now more flexible than ever! Pick the dates that work best for you and your schedule! Please have at least three date choices when you call, in the event that we can't fulfill your first selection.

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The class times for the two-day course are:
Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm and Sunday 8:30am - 4:00pm


"The course material alone was worth the price of the class! ABC School of Picture Framing gives you the necessary tools and training to turn a hobby into a career." - Nico